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The amazing Mel Fisher Maritime Museum is the only place where you can touch the opulent treasure carried by the galleons. View a collection of historical artifacts and treasure recovered from sunken wrecks valued at more than $20 million. Exhibits include silver and gold coins, bars and other items, such as a gold cross encrusted with emeralds and a golden chalice known as the "poison cup." The chalice contained bezoar stones, which were balls of hair that neutralized poison like arsenic. View the armaments, supplies and personal property of the crew from a fleet of ships from 1622 as well as other memorabilia discovered during Mr. Fisher's 16-year expedition. Travel back in time and sail the Spanish Main as you explore the fully accredited museum's four ships from the Age of Discovery. The Santa Margarita and the Nuestra Senora de Atocha sank in the Hurricane of 1622. See the wreck of the St. John that conquistadors used to ply the Caribbean waters circa 1560. Learn about the English slave ship Henrietta Marie that sank in 1700 off the nearby Florida Keys. The museum also reveals the story of the victims of the slave trade with a focus on the Key West African Cemetery at Higgs Beach.

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