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A zoo and botanical garden spread over 250 acres! Giraffes, mountain lions, wolves and cheetahs are just a few of the incredible animals that take you from Africa to North America. Visitors who come to The Living Desert in the early morning are in for some delightful surprises! In the cool of the morning, most of the animals on exhibit are at their peak activity. Playing, some eating breakfast, catching the wind for the scent of other nearby animals, stretching and prowling. As the day warms up, so do the birds of prey, fanning out their huge marvelous wings to the sun. The tortoises and lizards come out of their hiding places to feel the gentle warmth. Warthogs and javelinas rout and romp in the morning hours, contentedly grunting during nap time in the midday sun. Even the goats in the Petting Kraal enjoy nuzzling with visitors. Meerkats seem to play all afternoon, each taking a turn being the lookout, while the others scamper about. Late afternoon is the wake up call to nocturnal creatures. The cheetahs climb to the top of their ridge and majestically watch the sun set, the sky turning as golden amber as their eyes. Have lunch in one of the cafes or bring your own picnic. Feed the goats in the petting kraal or see one of the Wildlife Wonders Shows. Let shuttles take you from the African Village Watutu to our interactive Wildlife Hospital. Stop by the Palo Verde Garden Center or one of the largest G-scaled model train displays in California. Don't forget your camera. The animals and gardens at The Living Desert and the surrounding vistas present some breathtaking photo opportunities! Please remember that this is a dessert and as such has extreme temperatures. You should plan your visit according to the season in which you are visiting and the forecasted day's temperatures and dress accordingly. There are many shade trees and misted rest spots throughout the park for your comfort, and even an interactive indoor (nice and cool...the desert at night) exhibit the kids will surely enjoy! So many things to see and do! So get your eTickets now. The Palm Springs Living Desert will inform, motivate and entertain you beyond your expectations.

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